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Monday, May 22, 2006

One BabySurprise complete

I've finished my first EZ Baby Surprise Jacket. I've cast on and am about one-third complete with my second.

These two garments are for my husband's co-workers. I think I have three more babies to knit for, one church friend, one of my co-workers, and a friend of my brother's.

I'm thinking of making the church friend's and the co-workers in a much smaller size and in a much more practical acrylic yarn. I shall have to think about nice trim, etc.

I'm also thinking that I would like to revive the chunky shell for myself, the one where I've finished one half of the sweater, but quit the second side after finding several flaws in this superbulky, handpainted yarn. Joining this yarn in the middle of a row is problematic for me. I'm not sure I can make the join invisible. So, I'll have to rip it out and re-start the second side of the sweater. The good news is, I'm much more confident in my technique than I was a year ago, so it should go quickly and I'm sure I'll be very happy with the results.

This yarn, for the sweater, is a blue-to-green colorway. It might felt nicely. Perhaps I could make a felted bowl from Leigh Radford's One Skein book. I love that project!

I'm working on more photos for the blog. I promise.


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