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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bad Dog! Bad Human!

Here is a photo of our bad dog, Snickers.

Snickers is a bad dog today because, while we were out to dinner last night, she chewed on the needles I was working the current baby surprise jacket on. She likes bamboo. She also likes bamboo that I touch. I am a bad human today, because I did not totally close up the knitting project, with the tempting bamboo needles, safely it its knitting bag, nor did I remove the bag from the couch to a counter or tabletop.

Snickers is a 27-lb mixed-breed dog, who has lived with me since the fall of 2001. She is a good dog, but not a fan of knitting. Knitting means not going for a walk. Knitting means not going to the dog park. Knitting means not driving in the car with the window down. Knitting means not snacking.

I snapped off the damaged part of the needle and sanded it down, so it wouldn't snag the yarn when I worked it off. I had to wait until 9 am for a store to open that had 24" size 5 (US) needles. (Did you hear that? I had to wait until 9 am! Why are there no overnight knitting supply stores? There ought to be, for emergencies like this.)

The project is now moved onto metal, non-tempting needles, and ready for the next row. I also got cute buttons while I was at it.


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