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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hippy Baby Sweater

Well, I'm back from the trip to Seattle. The funeral and gatherings went nicely, at least in my opinion. It's lovely to hear from people who have dear and loving memories of someone you knew too.

The hippy baby sweater is progressing nicely. It's about two-thirds completed. I've received several nice compliments on the yarn, which I think is very ugly.

The other projects were not touched at all, so I didn't have too much or too little knitting.

The dog did not like the trip at all. She's a stay-at-home dog. Snickers behaved very nicely in the hotels, except for some barking at the elevators. They were making threatening noises towards her, and allowed a large group of people to sneak up on her, after all.

Back to work, back to my household tasks, back to laundry.

I've got to complete the Hippy BSJ so that I can start my BSJ class at Knit-Purl on Sunday. Maybe I'll work on assembling the first two so I can give them to their babies.


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