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Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday Bits

I may post another post, with photos later. I've sent a couple to blogger, but they don't haven't arrived for me to use to post here. I'm not sure why it's not working.

I finished the house-elf hat in the lana grossa sock yarn. It does indeed fit my head. So, for a large child, maybe. It's not so bad, on the head. The stripes are adequate. The hat is lightweight (it is sock yarn, after all). I can envision this for a Saturday hat, in the barely cooling autumn. It may still be given away.

Since I did this as a project to then scale down for preemie sized hats, I suppose it has served its purpose well. That hat's decreases are worked in nine sections, so my preemie hat, knit flat, should be a multiple of nine, plus two (these stitches are for the seaming, I believe). So, using the same needles (size 2 US) I could cast on 56, knit for 3-4 inches, and then work the decreases. This should also improve the striping pattern for this particular yarn, by decreasing the width of the work.

The hat I made is not nearly as pretty as the Sally Melville project pictured in the book. I shall have to try it using a yarn closer to the one she uses. That means bulky and much prettier.

I am about two-thirds complete with the Hippy Baby Sweater. I'm creating buttonholes using the I-cord border. They work VERY WELL, and I'm glad that Judy Wilcox insisted that I try them. Not sure what buttons I'll use, probably calming white ones.

So, for the weekend, projects:
1. Finish existing Baby Surprise Jackets (4 total) -no snickering. It's just a goal, thank you.
2. Finish, meaning sew up, existing house-elf hats.
3. Perhaps start the Yorick scarf for DH.
4. Preemie hats using the delicious koigu KPPPM.

I still have to make a fifth baby gift, this for the beautiful Emily Jean, daughter of Jerry and Andrea. Emily is about 3-4 months old already. I was thinking of a Baby Surprise Jacket, but I may try the Baby Albert Jacket from Sally Melville's book. My co-worker's child, unless he's masquerading or is a jokester from the womb, seems to be a girl, so the white acrylic jacket should work well for her.

I'm still waiting on Dorothy, who we have prayed for so frequently as she grows in her mother's womb, but I think that I would love to create a higher end garment for her. Maybe all Koigu! Ooooooh. With Matching Hat. And Booties. (A girl can't begin to accessorize appropriately too soon.) (I've never made booties.) Praises to God that Dorothy has reached an important milestone in her growth and development. May she be born a happy and healthy baby, several more weeks from now. May she be enormous!

Oh, yes, TiaJudy has updated her beautiful Baby Cable Cap. It is a lovely pattern and everyone should make it. Just my opinion.

Gotta clean the house. Gotta take a long walk. Gotta clean the fridge. Would rather knit.


At 8:56 AM, Blogger Starfish said...

I never have luck with baby hats, they either come out tiny or ginormous...but the cable hat is adorable, maybe I'll try it. And currently I am hooked on the baby kimonos out of cotton, they work up pretty quick and are adorable.


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