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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Testing my abilities to post

I'm following a tip from Janna to see if I can post a link the way all the other (fabulous) bloggers do. Hey, Janna, it actually works! Such a fine teacher and excellent help.

And, no, to the best of my knowlege our three little white kittens are not deaf. I'm not sure if I've actually tested that, though....

Their mom, named Precious, has two different colored eyes. I'm certain that she, the mama cat, is not deaf. She is a talkative beast who reminds us daily about our deficiencies as being her human servants. She's hoping for a much more attentive family once she finishes this motherhood stint. She must be a direct descendant of the temple cats of Egypt, because she wishes to be in the center of things with much affectionate attention. It is merely her due.

Two of the kittens, named LollyPop and Lenny, are going to the Oregon Humane Society tonight for their neuter operations tomorrow. I have no responsibility for their names, sorry. They should be available for adoption on Thursday or Friday. Hooray!

I'm enthused because while I was upstairs in the stinky foster kitty room last night, I realized that they seem to have destroyed one of the cables for my husband's PlayStation machine. It's just the plug that carries the video image from the PS to the TV-how important can that be??Ooops! I'll have to replace that before next winter. Husband's planning on tearing the carpet out in that room as soon as this set of fosters is back at OHS. It's a small price to pay to continue to be part of the solution to the cat issues locally. I am a big fan of Denise and Allison who do such excellent work as the foster coordinators at OHS.

The remaining three kittens are still under two pounds. Their names are Lamb, Love, and Linus. Again, these were the names on the paperwork I got. They'll stay at our house for another week or so of growth. They have to be two pounds for their spay or neuter operations.

And I didn't work on the knitting on Monday. Perhaps tonight.


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