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Monday, June 05, 2006

Don't Tell

I've finished the knitting for the body of the Hippy BSJ. I have not cast off, because I was watching the EZ DVD Knitting Glossary, and they have the I-Cord attached using the live loops of the knitting. So, if you bind-off, you have to pick up stitches to use to attach the I-cord. Why do that? It would seem to be an extra step. I'm such a lazy knitter. With the I-cord, I can bind off, create an edging, and create the buttonholes all at once.

I love the Elizabeth Zimmermann DVD Knitting Glossary. Thank you, Elizabeth, and thank you Meg Swansen of Schoolhouse Press for making this DVD and updating it. My only suggestion for improvement is better sound quality and perhaps captioning (although you'd have to be careful where you placed the captions to avoid obsuring the wonderful knitting demonstrations). My friend Becci, who crochets, has said that she learns best from demonstrations like this, rather than written words or still pictures, so today I'm wishing that I had a source for such a useful DVD of crochet techniques. I shall probably have to purchase this DVD. The copy I was watching belongs to Multnomah County Library, bless them.

So, now I have three finished Baby Surprise Jackets. I have woven in the ends on all three jackets, but have not seamed or edged any of them. My friends are all urging an I-cord border, but I'm not sure. Maybe I'll try a crochet border on one and see what I think.

I also have about half of the second side of my blue-green shell. That is on really big needles, so I could probably finish it up with a few more hours of devoted knitting. I'm hoping it fits me, since I lost a few pounds since I started it, way back when. I'm hoping that I find it flattering. I'm doubting it, since there is little shaping through the body. Also, the garment is designed in stockinette stitch without a lower border, so the bottom edge rolls up. I may look for a coordinating yarn and add a border. Hmm. Or not. The bulky, thick-thin yarn is hand-dyed with a great variance in the coloring. Not all of the skeins are as vivid as others. I know-this is an inherent quality of hand-dyed yarn. One must simply enjoy the yarn as it comes.

I've not worked on the Leigh Radford Garter(stitch) Mitts since the last post. I know that I'll be able to do them, despite the tiny needles and tiny yarn. It's just garter stitch, and some elongated stitches, and some cute little beads, which are easy as pie, once you know the technique. Okay, so most of knitting is like that. Don't tell.

I'm thinking that I need to lay off the needles and do some more reading about healthful eating when one is a diabetic. I have several books to work on, including one from the PCRM (Physicians Committee on Responsible Medicine) entitled Healthy Eating for Life to Prevent and Treat Diabetes. I've also gotta get up off the couch and walk, since I'm planning on walking in the Portland To Coast relay at the end of August. I have my orthotics now, and they have improved my level of foot pain. (My diagnosis is sesamoiditis. Doncha just love those fancy medical terms?) Hooray! Pain-free is the way to be.


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