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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Stripes, Lumps, and Bumps

Here is a (dark) photo of the hippy BSJ. Several people have said that they love it.

I still hate it.

Perhaps I need more therapy.

I hate the way I get nice strong stripes on one side, with the colors lining up for several good rows of, for instance, white. On the other side, however, the colors will not line up and I will get rows of different colors, which leads to those bumps showing in different colors, as if it were the wrong side of the garment.

This colorway has lime green, white, almost navy blue, pink, and red. I was hoping it would be good for an unknown gender baby, but would a boy baby's parents' OK his wearing a funky little sweater like this, with pink and lime green in it? It's almost finished, so I can move right along to a project where I am much more fond of the yarn.

I have started the Fingerless Garter(stitch) Mitts, from Leigh Radford's book One Skein. On Size Zero needles. Gosh sakes. I'm gonna hafta pull out my reading glasses, which I don't generally wear, but for this project, they're a lifesaver. I've got some cool red beads for this one.

Oh, yeah. Speaking of babies, you gotta go to http://www.yarnharlot.ca/ and read Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's post on how to fake a hat. It's on today's date, under number 2 in the post. This is why she is the queen of knitting bloggers. Witty, useful, encouraging. And cute twin photos, too.


At 3:08 PM, Blogger miraclebaby said...

hmmm a certain bible story comes to mind...
one with a coat of many colors perhaps!


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