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Friday, June 16, 2006

At last, I have purchased and prepared my gift to my One-Skein Secret Pal. Hooray! I'll drop it in the mail today. Alas, I fear that my computer bungling may have revealed my name to her, but I'll pretend that she cannot possibly know that, and send it off anyway. (As if she and I might actually know each other. We're half a continent away from each other! But hey, maybe she's found my blog.)

I have not received my skein from my One Skein Secret Pal. I'm waiting hopefully.

Stephknits recently posted a comment on my One Skein Exchange post from earlier in May. Steph, I don't have your email or your blog, but would love to have that info! I hear there are some great yarn stores in Bend, Oregon, but we haven't gotten over the mountains to visit recently. Have you gotten your package yet?

Two of my foster kittens are available for adoption at the Oregon Humane Society. They also have a great petcam into the kitten room, which sometimes shows glimpses of the mania. Hopefully these little guys will have new homes by Sunday evening.

I knit several more rows on my Fingerless Mitts. This weekend, the main project is to finish one or three Baby Surprise Jackets.

I am currently enthralled with the photo of the persimmon lace shawl on the current issue of Knitter's Magazine (hope I remembered that name right). But lace? Me, knit lace? Am I ready? I shall have to call Jenny.

I'll be seeing my dad on Saturday for Father's Day dinner. Not sure if Dave will be getting together with any of his selection of dads. I sure hope so. We don't see those good fellows enough.


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