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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Radford's Fingerless Garter(stitch) Mitts

Success at ripping back! I have successfully ripped back to the error on my Fingerless Garter(stitch) Mitts from the Leigh Radford book. The above photo is the Interweave Press image from the book. Mine are done in Brown Sheep Wildfoote sock yarn in Brilliant Bouquet. I'm using ruby red beads. I'm liking the effect. I'm on size zero needles (I know, I've complained about them before). I've now completed the extra wrap section and have to knit 30 more ridges of garter stitch to finish my first mitt. No problem. Just give me good light and boring television. Thankfully, these are both in good supply most summers.

This project has four bead rows in total. Just before row four I found that my skein had a join and therefore a knot. Drat! I had to move the fourteen beads beyond the knot and now I have a join at an edge on the top of my project. I was hoping I'd have a project with only two tails to weave in. Not this time. At least the join is on the wrist edge, not the knuckle edge, so there will be plenty of fabric to use to hide the tails.

I knit two swatches before I started. I hope that I have enough yarn to complete the project. I suppose that I can frog my swatches if need be.

This is my first project where I must create two closely identical pieces in order to be successful. In other words, mittens and socks should match and not look like they were knit by two different persons fifteen years apart. Unless of course, one wants them to look that way. But I usually prefer traditional matched or identical pieces.

For my white Baby Surprise Jacket, I think I'm planning on adding a stitch to the shorter front edge and removing a stitch from the longer front edge. Just to throw the whole thing totally out of square. I'll have to find a non-square baby to give it to. I'm also planning on finishing up two or three of the BSJs this weekend. I've gotta start giving them out. Either that or framing and hanging them on the walls.


At 6:59 PM, Blogger Starfish said...

Love those mitts! I was just trying to figure out what I could do with the gorgeous sock yarn I was just gifted (other than socks of course) and I think I found it...I'll have to look up that pattern for sure. Great to meet you and love your blog, especially the kitties!! I'll be back!


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