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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Florida Knitting

Okay, I have missed you guys. Work's been crazy and knitting's been off and on.

We took a week's vacation to Florida. Yes. Orlando. DisneyWorld. Very much fun. Very much spending.

But in the middle of our vacation, week took a day to just 'ding around' as we like to say. We Googled. We found two knitting stores within driving distance.

This is a sparse knitting environment, in my humble opinion. Considering that, at home, I have about TEN knitting stores within driving distance. Okay, so Florida is hot and perhaps there is less knitting than there would be in a cooler environment. It's also more densely populated. If anyone needs relaxation and knitting, it would be these dear folks.

So, anyhow. We drove up, blindly, trying to find the little community of Longwood. After a panicked call to the proprietor, we found the delightful store Knit! That first picture is me, seated, in front of their selection. You can tell that I'm on vaction. I look so relaxed!

And this is a photo of Marney Gibson, the delightful proprietor:

She's holding the book I bought and ringing up the one skein of sock yarn that called to me. She was very hospitable and gave us lots of good tips for what to do and how to get there. If I get to go back to Florida, I'm calling Marney first and running my plans past her.

She is a good soul. And she runs a knit shop. In Florida. Lucky woman!

My knitting project for the trip was Dave's mythical socks, the ones done on size ZERO needles, with Lorna's Laces in Black Watch.

I did okay, knitting an inch or so on the flights to Florida. Got the marker in for the afterthought heels. And about an inch or so after that. But, on return flight, disaster! I pulled out my project only to discover that one of the tiny bamboo needles had been broken. Woe.

And we arrived home late on Sunday, with no opportunity to replace the size zero circular needles. I visited three of my local yarn stores, and found one replacement needle (Addi Turbos, this time), came home, slipped all the stitches onto the replacement needle, set the project down and leaned over to move something on the couch, and BROKE THE OTHER BAMBOO NEEDLE.


And on Tuesday, I had to work, and thus, less freedom to pursue another size zero Addi Turbo needle. Work. So annoying.

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At 8:17 AM, Blogger msubulldog said...

Yes, I think Florida yarn shops are a little scarce. My sister-in-law lives about an hour south of Orlando and has a heckuva time finding decent yarn.

At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Judy said...

So glad to see you back!

I don't see why people wouldn't want to knit in Florida. What about cotton and linen and such? There's more to life than wool.

Bummer about the needles.


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