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Monday, December 01, 2008

Must Find Camera

I find that it is impossible to blog without my digital camera.

At first, when I began blogging, that was inconceivable. Not now.

And I have a fabulous little digital camera, a Sony, in a beautiful felted sleeve, which is recycled from a striped thrift-store sweater. But I cannot find it.

[bad words deleted]

So I cannot show of my projects here or at Ravelry. I cannot show off my stash at Ravelry. While it is small, I believe my stash to be of exquisite quality, and astounding for the amount of Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn.

And I cannot show off my delightful little baby pants projects for Charlotte, who should be born within the next four weeks or so. Nor reassure her mother that not all of these will be the color of snot. They're not. They're very pretty colors, and I've even started a set of so-called longies, in a turquoise blue to burgundy, turning out very nicely. And I created a great waistband, so it's a new technical skill for me.

BTW, anyone going to the Blue Moon Barn Sale on Saturday? I'm planning on it.

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At 1:57 PM, Blogger miraclebaby said...

LOL, I trust you and believe you when you say they don't look like snot:) We're having a little "baby shower" in Januaray. More of a meet the baby celebrate my b-day party, so I'm hoping you can come to that. It should be in Portland at my mom's house. I'll let you know more when the time comes!


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