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Monday, July 03, 2006

Red Portrait

This photo is of my DH, who does not yet have a cool blog nickname, and the dog, Snickers, who goes by her real life call name. She also answers to 'doggy', as in 'little brown doggy' and 'duyawanna', as in 'duyawanna go to the park' or 'duyawanna cookie'.

I did knit this weekend. I have two out of four Baby Surprise Jackets finished, well, finished to the point of needing buttons. These are the Hippy version and the pink & green one. I still have to finish up the blue/purple/grey one and the white. I need to knit a fifth sweater for my giving away, (and perhaps a fourth, if I decide not to give the Hippy Baby Jacket to any of these families).

The I-cord border with I-cord border buttonholes is brilliant, both functional and cute.

I started on the second hand of the Leigh Radford Fingerless Garter(stitch) Mitts, and have worked on that piece to the point of having one beaded row done and two of the extra wrap sections done.

I went down to Close-Knit on Saturday morning and participated in their Lawn Chair Knitting. They encourage you to bring your own chair and sit under the awning along the sidewalk in front of their establishment and knit. I met several great folks. I love visiting a variety of LYS. One is not enough. They also have a really cool South African Baby Bootie pattern there, which I must make soon. Maybe I'll take the class they're offering. Whoops, no, inconvenient scheduling, conflicts with my normal practice of worship. Worship comes first, and no, we're not talking about the yarn goddesses.

Still haven't cast on for the Yorick scarf from Knitty. It will be for the aforementioned DH. We could call him 'the Manager', 'Mr. Parts', 'DR', or simply enough 'Sir'. He went fishing with Bro on Saturday. Hey we could call him 'He Who Fishes'. I think they had a nice time (although he swiped my chair, which gave me moments of frustration). On Sunday, he bought a beautiful double purple petunia to hang in the front entry and an interesting salmon lily for the front entry also. Gosh, he's a good guy and I'm a lucky woman. I did get some housework done, believe it or not.

I got some bubble-gum pink yarn and have started on one of TiaJudy's Baby Cable Caps. The yarn is a superwash merino by Lanett. I must say, pink definitely improves the house-elf hat.

Enjoy your fourth of July, whether it is a holiday for you or not. I certainly enjoy the freedoms in my native land, the USA. I would caution folks to remember the difference between patriotism and nationalism. We do not currently plan on enjoying any out-of-home Independence Day celebrations, but rather, relaxing at home.

Cool, that means I can knit.


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