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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

School's out for summer

I've decided not to take any knitting classes this summer. I want to take a beginning sock class, and a nice one is offered at the Naked Sheep store near my house. I want to learn socks on DPNs, but I will likely switch to using circulars once I understand the technique. I have a couple of patterns for beginning socks, but I really wanted to take a class to have an experienced knitter explain things.

I'm not going to take a class at this time, because I am planning to walk the Portland-To-Coast relay walk on August 25 and 26. My weekends are prime walking time. After I take a nice long walk, 60-90 minutes, and at a good brisk pace, I often require a nap. This will cut into my knitting time, both the walking and the napping. The gals on my team are also requiring that I do several things that seem to be in my job description as Team Captain. Here I am, wondering why I ever agreed to do this, and who are these annoying people on my team?

Don't worry, it usually all works out OK in the end, much like knitting, as long as your technique was good through the project.

I can move the sock class to the autumn schedule, I think. Or, I can, given my propensity to make the project prior to the class, attempt the sock construction on my own, using internet help and tutorials. It's really just an excuse to buy more Socks that Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Art. That is fine yarn.

On Tuesday, I knit for several rows on the second Fingerless Mitt, so that project nears completion. I like these mitts and may be wearing them this winter around the office. Two finished Baby Surprise Jackets, hooray. Minimal progress on the preemie hats.

I do have a nice place to send them now, though, that's good. I plan on sending these to Heavenly Angels in Need. They're headquartered in Oregon, but have chapters all over the place. I may also send them my wedding gown. They use donated wedding gowns to sew burial gowns for infants (all sizes). I'll be able to ask Mary to send my items to Oregon hospitals, although I'm not sure if they'll be sent to Portland metropolitan area hospitals.

So, for the PTC relay walk, we need to drive the course. That's going to be best to do on a weekend.

Oh, and DH has settled on an acceptably nickname. Henceforth, he will be referred to on the blog as Dr. Parts. His initials are DR and he is the parts manager for a local truck and trailer company.


At 8:32 AM, Blogger Starfish said...

I recommend buying "Sensational Knitted Socks" by Charlotte Schurch. There is a "class sock" in there, and it includes instructions for both dpns and 2 circs. JMO, but I think 2 circs is way easier. You can figure it out without a class. I paid $75 for a stupid class and found out it's not rocket science. You can always email me for help!


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