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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Baby Pants

My first attempt at a soaker did not come out well.

I used a gifted yarn, the lighter color in a subtle tan to green colorway. I found this pattern at glamarama.net (scroll to the bottom). When I was past the ribbing, I realized that the finished item was going to be way too large, and that I would probably run out of the gifted yarn before I could finish. So I frogged it, and went out and bought a green yarn to go with it, for the doubled yarn section. You see the finshed item here. Okay, so I still have to do the seams on the side. But it's still too large. It would probably fit a 12-y-o. And I hope this little baby is out of diapers by that age.

So, 2nd attempt.

I went down in needle size and yarn size. This is a Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn, I've forgotten which colorway, in Socks That Rock, Lightweight.I'm very happy with the color. In the doubled section, I was knitting from both ends of the ball. The touch of this little item is totally worthy of a brand-new baby. It feels so good.

It's still too big. It's about 11" across at hips. I cannot bring myself to frog it. It's Blue Moon STR!

I need to retry this one, smaller stitch count to begin with.

And then these: Fancy Pants, based on a pattern I found at Ravelry by Annalea.

Very nice, if I do say so myself. My waistband and enclosed elastic is marvelous.

Now, must keep knitting! I'd like to make at least two more soakers and/or baby pants for the beloved baby by Christmas.

And I'm wanting to knit a beanie or hat for a marine, thanks to TheWench and the Selfish Knitters group at Ravelry. Mischievous youngsters.

Oh, and Judy, I arrived at the Barn Sale late, and stayed late. Your was the first face I looked for, so I'm assuming that you arrived early and perhaps left early.

Oh, and thanks to Courtney for the link! She helped me find Stephania. Maybe I am losing my hearing.

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At 8:23 PM, Blogger miraclebaby said...

I think they look great! And God help me if she's not potty trained by the time she's 12~;)


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