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Sunday, December 21, 2008

And, speaking of dogs,

My little dog hates the snow. And we have lots of snow right now.

And speaking of dogs, let's show off the sweater that I knit for her this spring. (See, I really was knitting. Knitting, but not blogging.)

Notice the evil cat looking over Bean's shoulder there.

This was an improvised ribbed dog sweater, made with less than 1 skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock - Lightweight, colorway Henpecked.

I like how it turned out overall. Beanie can wriggle right out of it, so I may need to add a casing and elastic around the neck, small enough that it won't slip over her collarbone.

The whole thing was improvised so the ribbing worked well, but I learned some things about ribbing that would cause me to do a few things differently. I would have decided which side was the right side & the wrong side, and just added and subtracted stitches from the wrong side ribs, in other words the ribs that show as reverse stockinette stitch on the right side.

I don't so much care for the pooling that happened around the middle of the piece.

I added on the crocheted arm bands.

This is not my favorite colorway from the Depraved Dyer at BMFA, but I have lots of others that are my favorite ( I have about 20 top favorites from BMFA).

When the snow melts, Beanie might deign to be seen in public in it.

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