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Monday, February 02, 2009

The Fantasy

I suppose, like most knitters, I sometimes fantasize about owning a yarn store.

I fantasize, actually, about being wealthy enough to own a yarn store, and not worry about it being profitable or not. Oh, and still buy myself health insurance, because of the diabetes and all.

I have been thinking about this stuff a lot recently. I found the perfect space on North Mississippi Avenue.

I found the perfect name: Ya Ya Yarn.

Then, while I was reading The Year of Pleasures by Elizabeth Berg, I heard this sentence: "The sky was a redemptive blue."

"What a great name for a yarn color, " I thought.

So now I have a whole new fantasy about having my own line of yarns. Like the world needs another new line of yarns. Especially with Tina making the perfect yarns right down the road at Scappoose.

But I could name them. Redemptive blue. Joyful yellow. Ocean of forgiveness blue. Acceptance brown. Flattering green. Integrity black. Openness white. Loving red. It's a warm, cayenne red. Essential gray. I could make lots and lots of color names, especially in the blues.

But what to call the line as a whole? Any ideas? Or shall I think on it some more.

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At 7:33 AM, Anonymous Judy said...

I'm terrible with naming things so I'm not the one to ask. Such nice affirmations your colors are, though!

You must come to Wednesdays. There are two indie dyers that come and both would be happy to talk to you about the whole dying thing.


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