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Friday, July 14, 2006

M-D Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono

Here it is, in Sugar'n Cream, color Violet Veil (white with blue, violet & yellow). How nice. I don't have the ties done. I'm not sure if I'll do Stephanie's twisted cord or I-cord or ribbons. I did a make-one increase, two stitches from the end, which mades a lovely angled edge.

I like it, but I'm not sure I'll make this particular shape again. The wrist openings on this one seem quite narrow. I may not sew the seam quite to the end, to leave a slit. I was thinking this slit would be about 3 stitches long (to the first/last increase/decrease for sleeve length). It's a design feature, right?

Maybe I just haven't hung out with enough babies. They are tiny things, I hear.

I'm planning on giving this one to Becci, who is the mother of Dorothy. I'm still planning on making a more formal Baby Sweater for Dorothy, too.

I want to try the Sally Melville The Knit Stitch Baby Albert jacket next. I have several nice choices of yarns to try it in.

I need to purchase some yarn for my One Skein Secret Pal's July package. I'm thinking deep rich purple. I have a project to knit to send to her in August, but haven't started that one yet.

In my interactions with our North Neighbor, I have a high level of frustration. I like her kid, but don't like kid's behavior all the time. (In other words, I, the childless one, have trouble saying 'no' when it needs to be said.) North Neighbor has been trying to have a garage sale in her driveway for the last few weeks. It looks more like a garage explosion over the front yard, with no order, very junky, no posted prices, she starts the sale at noon, and we live on a dead end street. Not likely to be terribly successful. They've just left the stuff out during the rains of the past few days. I looked at the offerings once and didn't see anything worth talking about. For instance, they're trying to sell DVD sets with the movie disc missing.

So, yesterday, I was walking North Kiddo back to her house, and seeing the stuff, and I spotted a swift in a pile! It looks like it's plastic and metal, and I couldn't really take a look at the thing, but I don't have a swift. I may have to talk with them about it in the next few days. I wonder if it's actually in working order.

And now back to our regularly scheduled house-elf hats.

Oh, BTW, the aforementioned Stephanie has joined a new web-ring, the Knitting Stephanies. I think this is so cool and I am 100% jealous. I'm going to have to find out if I can get a 'Friend of' button. The Knitting Loris just doesn't quite sound the same. And I'm glad to learn that Stephanie likes squirrels. My dog would approve. As long as 'likes' means 'likes to chase and is willing to kill if required'.


At 7:01 AM, Blogger Starfish said...

How funny are you! Yes, please do join the "friends of"! Someone from that ring found me and asked me to join, how could I say no?

Kimono came out great, so funny I thought the same thing about the wrists! Plus the seams came out a little thick for me. A more bell like sleeve would look better, must look into how to do that. We should swap baby patterns since we both like to do that...email me!


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