A Knit Decision

Knitting in Oregon, with other stuff, too, such as crochet, cats, dogs, history, fashion, highly opiniated rants, reading, diabetes, church, life in general, etc. I like circular needles, prefer natural yarns, don't spin, choose small projects, and don't have any one favorite yarn store. I love them all.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It counts, right?

Shopping can count as knitting, right?

Judy wanted to know what I got at the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sale

Here it is, all in my large Ikea bag. No, I did not fill the whole bag. But, it's good to be prepared.

Alright, top row, L-R: Loopy, which is mostly mohair. It's in a crazy rainbow dyed pattern. I think it will be a silly scarf. Next, my grab bag. I think it's pink Loopy and a Brach's candy colored sock yarn. Hmm. Perhaps another scarf. The 3 pink skeins are Wensleydale. (You know why I had to buy Wensleydale wool, don't you? I've already tried the Wensleydale cheese.)

Second row: Two skeins of Lil Loops, which was my first ever BMFA yarn. These two-one is a pastel green-to-green colorway, and the other is a pastel green-to-blue colorway-make me very happy. Not sure what they'll be yet.

Then two Feltable medium weight Socks That Rock. Five mill-end medium weight Socks that Rock, and finally four mill-end light weight Socks That Rock.

And five books.

Yarn fumes. I have heard of their powers before, but this was definitely a trip.

And I have to show off my new collection of these:

These are my nine KIP bags, made by Brenda. I LOVE them!! Practical, creative, not overpriced (hope she got a good deal on the fabric).

She uses a variety of fabrics on the bottoms, wool or denim, usually very sturdy. The front row left bag is my favorite. It's got fiery skulls on it! My husband practically grabbed it out of my hands, but the light-colored interior is going to be a problem for him. Most of his stuff has either grease or blood on it.

I bought these all on Ebay. You can see what she's got up for sale here. I'll try to control myself so you can buy some in the next few weeks. I think I'm going to have to limit myself to 3 of these project bags per knitting bag.

Gotta finish some projects.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So much to update you on...

I have been here. I have been knitting/crafting.

Inspired by Alterknits and Leigh Radford's creativity, I've been collecting woolen sweaters for about six months now. The good people at Goodwill recognize me. Who else would buy XL mens woolen sweaters in June and July.
This is not a true before shot. I believe that these sweaters are felted/fulled, but not yet carved up for bags, coasters, crafts, etc:
We counted, but I forget how many there actually were. This all took place in early September. Since I got a fancy-dancy new washer, I cannot really felt/full items in the washer -read: the easy way- anymore.
So I trudged off to my mom's house. What a good mom!! It's only all the way across the state.
We felted (fulled) all the sweaters in her washer, using zippered pillow covers to help reduce the felted balls from wandering off.
The above photo is Mom, with the sewing machine that once belonged to her mother, sewing the felted sweaters into bags.
And the below is just bonus cuteness:

This is Chico, the tiny little chihuahua who belongs to my macho step-dad. The human is so macho that he doesn't like to clothe the tiny little shivering dog. This drives me NUTSO!! (The dog is cute, is willing to be dressed, and seems cold a lot. His little ears are cold. With such a cuteness opportunity, it seems so wrong to pass it up!!)

So, out of one of the gorgeous sweaters, this one happens to be cashmere, with an understated cable pattern, I made a little doggie sweater out of one sleeve. Chico seems to like it. I did round the corners off a little more after this photo was taken.

I was tempted to turn the rest of the sweater into a little Chico dog bed, but no. It would be too much for the step-dad.

I left the doggie sweater there. Who knows if it's been worn since I left.

Thanks, Mom, for letting me use your washer, and your sewing machine, and your kitchen table, and your deck to spread out all this stuff.

Oh, and I claim to be the FIRST customer to arrive for the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Stash Sale. I was there at 8:30 am, but was not first in line. I waited in my car for a bit. I met three nice ladies from Seattle. I chatted with the delightful Nan, who was very relieved that I did not have brain cancer (long story). I purchased yarn. I purchased books. I want this to be an annual event, please.