A Knit Decision

Knitting in Oregon, with other stuff, too, such as crochet, cats, dogs, history, fashion, highly opiniated rants, reading, diabetes, church, life in general, etc. I like circular needles, prefer natural yarns, don't spin, choose small projects, and don't have any one favorite yarn store. I love them all.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Putting things together

Last year, early June....

North American Organic Brewers Festival

and WorldWide Knit In Public Day.

They fell on the same day. It was so much fun, but I only saw one other knitter.

Well....there are some folks who make organic yarn. And many knitters enjoy beer. And many beer aficianados enjoy knits.

These things seem as is they would go together. Can I put them together?

I'm going to start making inquiries. Anybody interested? Please let me know. If you can't leave a comment, you can email me at lorirodeATgmailDOTcom.

This year's North American Organic Brewers Festival falls on June 9 and 10, 2007. WorldWide Knit In Public day is June 10, 2007.

I've knit with Blue Sky Organic Cotton Yarn, which is very nice. Any other experiences with organics? Any other leads? Any other producers or retailers I should talk to?

Let's see if we can put it together, at least to the point of getting a group of people to attend the festival on Saturday and knitting in public.

Let me know if you're in!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Almost Socks

I've been working away on the ribbing at the top of my sock. I am close to actually having a sock. A completed sock.

My tupperware is in, but I haven't called Becci back yet. Gotta do that.

I've been having some insomnia this week. Lots of good knitting time

And look, I sent a scarf to my friend Allison, and she showed a photo of it. (Okay, the best part of her post is, of course, the headline. Go on, go on.) The scarf is two balls of Be Sweet's Magic Ball in, I think, Fire Red. Rather spendy, but lots of fun to knit with. The scarf is garter stitch on size 15 needles, use two balls and stop when you run out of yarn! I got this yarn at Lint in NW Portland. I have purchased more since then.

Must sleep now.... Pictures next time....


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Before and After

Judy's Sock Class at Tangle


Judy's Sock Class at Tangle

Actually this is mid-way through the sock class. I have to finish knitting the gusset and be poised to turn the heel in time for class on Tuesday evening. I can't blog. Must knit!

The yarn is ToFutsies, but I've lost the ball band and don't know what color. It's nice yarn but a little splitty. And, to my tastes, rather thin. I may use it again. I may not.

I'm not liking the gusset part of this sock. It's hard for me to keep track of the four sets of knitting if you will:

#1: Sole side with increases.

#2: Instep side, knit straight.

#3: Sole side, knit straight.

#4: Instep side, knit straight.

I think I'm on track, but how would I know if I were off? I will take the socks to Sock Sensei Judy and see what must be done.

Oh, and BTW, Dr. Parts now sees that the socks I am knitting are different from the slippers made from Red Heart acrylic worsted by his dear senior relatives, may they rest in peace. He's interested in maybe having me knit socks for him in the near future. He's not even put off by the spiralling purple & green of the first official socks.

I told him he would have to beg. He asked for clarification as to what begging would entail.

So, yes, it's true. I'm withholding socks from my husband.