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Monday, July 31, 2006

Four Baby Sweaters

If the photograph is bad enough, I can claim anything about it. That's kind of a nice principle for the blog.

So here's my claim: This is a photograph of four completed baby sweaters. The only remaining thing for these things is buttons or ties. The top sweater is the blue/purple/grey Baby Surprise Jacket. The right one is the Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono. The one at the left is a pink & green Baby Surprise Jacket. The one in the center is my famous Hippy Baby Surprise Jacket. I sewed seams and edgings and finished these four. Except for the buttons on the BSJs and the ties on the Baby Kimono.

The pink & green and the blue/purple/gray BSJs go to Dr. Parts' employee's babies, J'meer & Audrey. The Hippy BSJ is going to my quadriplegic co-worker. No, it's not for him directly. His caregiver just had her first grandchild. That's close enough to a stranger, and yet a deserving, hardworking stranger, for a recipient of a beautifully crafted hand-knit wool garment. And, even though I think the color is awful, it's probably the best constructed and most technically satisfying of these four garments, to me, the knitter. Also, baby is small enough so it should fit. The Baby Kimono is for Dorothy, whose mom blogs here. (BTW, I spotted Dorothy's mom on Sunday and she looked happy and healthy and still pregnant. Hooray!)

I'm sticking to my deadline rule of no new casting on until these projects are done and given to their intended recipients. I have to sew on the buttons on these three, create and attach the ties for the baby kimono, finish (4 rows) the white BSJ, sew the seams on the white BSJ, do an I-cord edging on it, and sew on buttons.

Dr. Parts drove me to the fabric store and gave helpful input on the button selection. What a great guy. Later, I bought him blue flame bean bag chairs and Ben & Jerry's ice cream. What a lucky guy.


At 9:45 AM, Blogger miraclebaby said...

thanks Lori!! I can't wait to see the finished product!


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