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Monday, August 07, 2006

Little Brown Setbacks

The cute little doggie chewed off the imperfectly sewn-on buttons from J'meer's baby sweater. They were wooden turtles. The dog decided that they were a threat to the continued existence of the universe and had to be destroyed. She did so efficiently. She is such a good protector. Usually it is the cats who recognize such threats, often veiled in the guise of African Violet plants.

Earlier this week, the dog took out my project for my One-Skein Secret Pal to examine it in greater detail. She took the thing off the needles. Now, I would understand if this were on yummy wooden or bamboo needles. But it's not. It's on vintage green metal needles, the kind that are going shiny at the points and are going to get all scuffed at the shoulder. I bought a set on Ebay to give me a good range of needle sizes to choose from.

This project is from the Mason-Dixon book and is made of linen. (Can you guess, now? Can you?) I find it to be rather difficult, as I cannot see the pattern that I'm supposed to be seeing. I can't even tell how many repeats happen across the project. The Ann & Kay suggest that you mark the borders, but I might do better marking every square.

The dog removed it from its metal needles, which I thought were safe, and chewed up the counter I was using on it. Now, I knew that it was not the best counter for the project. It was one designed to hang off circular needles and was too big for these straights. But still. Why destroy an innocent row counter? I think that I counted correctly. I know I picked up the stitches correctly, eventually. I suppose I'm in the mid-stage of the project, where I hate it, I don't understand it, I doubt my ability to produce it successfully, and wonder why I ever chose this thing. I worked several more rows on Saturday night while sitting on the Zoo lawn, waiting to hear Pink Martini.

A nice young knitter sat next to me. Young, I say. Ha! She was undoubtedly old enough to order her own liquor. She expressed the opinion that she always trusted knitters-see, she is young-and told me about her green beret knitting project. She's having some trouble with tension and tight stitches. She and her girlfriend had the coolest little chairs I've seen in a long time. Not that Dr. Parts and I could rise from such chairs gracefully in public. I was the only one I saw knitting on the lawn, but I did not wander around that much, to spare my feet.

So, now I have to re-acquire buttons for J'meers sweater, and, since I can't find the ones I recall buying, for Audrey's. Darn. I thought plastics were a greater threat to the continued existence of the universe, but they may be safer from the little brown doggy.


At 7:57 PM, Anonymous twig said...

It's nice to know the little brown doggie is watching out for you. They can sense these things so I'm sure even if we can't see the logic, it's there.

At 7:12 AM, Blogger Starfish said...

Darn doggie. I have since learned to put projects in a zippered bag or plastic container with tight fitting lid. Five billion knit mice on the floor, but nooooo, they have to play with my project.

At 4:16 PM, Blogger Minnesota Nice said...

Oh my gracious, what have I now gotten myself into? I have been participating in the diabetes online community for a couple weeks and always knew there was one for knitters.....needless to say, it was beyond a meaningful coincidence that you posted a comment on my blog. I have not had time to read more than a few sentences of this post, but will introduce myself by listing 32 (the # of years I've had diabetes) random facts about me and knitting: 1) I've been knitting for over 40 years 2) there were no crafters in my family, so I ordered a book from the Sears catalog and learned that way 3)it came with the most ugly peageen yarn 4) I currently knit about an hour a day 5) My favorite needle size is 4 6) Right now I'm working on a monstrous Aran sweater for myself 7) I have never knit a sock 8) I love to do round doiles on 5-7 dp needles 9) to hold the stitches on the dps, I cut a bicycle inner tube in little squares with a hole punched in them 10)I hoard yarn 11) I have a big bag of eyelash yarn that I fear will soon be out of style 12) my favorite onine yarn source is Knitpicks 13)my favorite online free pattern source is knittingpatterncentral.com 14)I once wrote Elizabeth Zimmerman and received a handwritten note back 15) I have since lost the note 16) I have made myself 12 pair of Norweigan mittens over the years 17) I have only one intact pair left 18)I have made 8 shawls 19) I have worn none of them 20) I have used two of them as window swags 21) when I'm done with my sweater I want to make a curtain of Euroflax 22) WalMart is a great place to buy yarn 23) I love the Denise interchangeable needle set 23) I do a lot of felting 24) Felting is like life - you have to hae a lot of trust cuz you don't know how it's gonna turn out 25) I like the books that are coming out with knitters "stories" 26) I think knitting has a definite spiritual aspect 27) I have carpal tunnel syndrome 28) I go to sleep with a brace at night 29) I take it off during the night and throw it across the room 30) I have recently developed a trigger finger 31) I knit while waiting for the doctor - every time he comes into the room he says "is that knitting or crochet"? 32) I did not list knitting on my profile because it do not consider it an "interest" - rather it "is me"..........if "comment moderation has been enabled" means what I think it does, then I just squeaked in under the fence.

At 8:29 AM, Blogger Lori Rode said...

Minnesota Nice, I think that you must start a knit blog. You have so much to say about knitting! How cool is that that you got a handwritten note from EZ. I also felt, or have felted.

At 6:41 PM, Blogger Minnesota Nice said...

The thought has crossed my mind (about a hundred times today.....). So much to blog, so little minutes left in the day - then when would I knit?
I'll give it some thought.


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