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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yarn from Hawaii!

Aloha! Here is the yarn that Susan sent me from Hawaii. I know, it's supposed to be a secret, but hey, let's not pretend. It is Knitpicks yarn in a Blueberry shade. Delightful. Susan also sent me a very funny New Yorker cartoon postcard.

I can't wait for her to arrive in Portland so I can get to know her in person. I'm not sure what I'll do with this fabulous wooly yarn. Susan suggests mitts, and I do have an idea for some simple ribbed fingerless mitts. This yarn would be great for that.

The yarn is nestled in the leaves of our Gerbera daisies. They have all made great leaves this year, but only one has put up flowers.

I did sew on the buttons on the Hippy Baby Jacket and the pink & green one. Now I've got to finish the I-cord edging on the white one and sew its buttons on. I finally found my size 6 DPNs, so I can do that. I have to get gift bags and package up the sweaters to give to the victims-ahem, I mean recipients.

And now, since it is August 22, I MUST create a finished project to send to my One-Skein Secret Pal, Kim, who lives in Illinois. She went to Stitches, lucky gal. I'm thinking of the fingerless garter(stitch) mitts. They would be a good gift because they're a Leigh Radford design from the One Skein book. They would also be a good gift because I'm nearly done with them. I do want them for myself, and I'm very happy with the yarn and beads that I chose. What better gift to give than one you want yourself? The project knits up quickly and it would be simple for me to create another pair for myself.

North Kiddo has not yet kept an appointment to spend time with me, so it may get put off until next week. This is one of the features of being nine, if my recollection serves me.


At 9:51 AM, Anonymous twig said...

The yarn looks like it would be great for a number of projects. Good luck deciding!


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