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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Postman Beware!

I am waiting for two knitting related packages, and you should not bother me. I am antsy.

I am waiting for my Rockin'SockClub package. I am very frustrated. They are in Scappoose. I live in Kenton, a nice neighborhood in north Portland. This is a distance of about 18 miles. Yahoo! Maps thinks I could drive it in about 35 minutes.

Others in the Portland metro area have gotten their packages. On the Rockin'SockClub blog, people in Texas have gotten their package. People in Minnesota have gotten theirs. On the club blog, they speculate whether the distribution of packages was alphabetical, geographical or what.

IT'S NOT GEOGRAPHICAL!! (Sure, my zip code starts with '97'. And that's a larger number. But hey, Judy's starts with 97, also.)

I can tell because I don't have my package. I'm thinking it's in order of having joined the club, because I was a later joiner.

Do you think they'd let those of us who are close geographically come up and pitch in when they have to send out their stuff? I am a BlueMoon addict! I live so close and yet I've never met them and I cannot get enough of their product!

I am also waiting for a Mon Tricot stitch dictionary, which I won on Ebay. I searched on "mon tricot (1030, 1100, 1300, 1500, 1800)". I don't know when they last produced these. It seems to be a much more european distribution. Many of these are from Australia or England. I won a 1030 stitch dictionary from the East Coast. I WANT a 1500 or 1800 dictionary. But I don't want to spend $95 for it. That seems high. If I were going to spend that much money all at once on stitch dictionaries, I would go to Schoolhouse Press and order the Barbara Walker Treasury.

And, realistically, sometime in my knitting life, I'm sure I will go to Schoolhouse Press and order them. But not this week.

I don't think I can handle waiting for another delivery. Can I call in sick to work so that I can get my hands on these packages a few hours sooner than otherwise? Yarn fever?

Oh, and about that Cascade Magnum, I have one piece of advice: wind it by hand. The yarn is so massive that it does not work well on the standard size ball winders. It comes in a skein, just take it home and wind it by hand into a giant ball. Your small toddlers will be amazed at the scale . If you take a photo, it will look like you have lost weight. The scarf I knit took one skein, but, at the store, we decided to wind it using a standard ball winder, which meant that it ended up in three balls and I had to manage two joins. Follow my advice, if you're going to make this scarf, or use this yarn; wind it by hand into a giant lumpy ball and avoid unneccessary joins. I got my Cascade Magnum at the LYS Close Knit. That's one big advantage of local yarn stores: no waiting for delivery!!


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